Audio Visual Equipment Supplier

TAV Group is a leader in everything audio visual, including equipment sales. In fact, it’s where our company got its start – as audio visual suppliers and installers for facilities, businesses, and other commercial applications across Western Canada. If we become your audio visual equipment Just tell us what the application is, and we can provide a system design and a costed bill of materials for your entire project. We carry or have access to nearly every product that could possibly be required for an audio visual project. We have the right AV equipment for any application, but these are the usual ones we’re called on to supply.

Conference Rooms

Meeting rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms – whatever you call them, we can find you the right AV equipment to polish your presentations and meetings. While we’re at it, let us set up your staff with the right equipment to look exceptionally professional in remote client meetings.

Event Facilities

Weddings, church services, conferences and concerts can’t go off without a hitch unless you have the right audio visual setup. Our expertise at this level is vital – we know what solutions work for particular spaces and applications.

Our audio visual product partners

We can source any equipment you need from our product partners, who we’ve determined after over 33 years of experience to be the best manufacturers of audio visual equipment. The rest are just noise.


We can also install your audio visual equipment

We don’t just sell equipment – we are expert installers as well. We’ve run thousands of feet of cable throughout the boardrooms and conference rooms of Western Canada and will do the same for you.

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LET'S CHAT ABOUT AV Equipment Sales :

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