AV System Design

Communication is the cornerstone of your business. If you can’t talk to your clients, customers, employees, or partners, you can’t operate efficiently. That’s why audio visual tools are an integral part of any company’s success, providing a reliable framework for both internal and external communications.

Let us help you create that framework. TAV Group isn’t just Calgary’s leading audio visual firm, we’re also problem-solvers and designers. Our talented technicians can help you build the perfect audio visual system for your business with our market-leading AV design services.

Go beyond telephone and email to offer more ways to do business. Video conferencing, virtual meetings, digital presentations – we can help you do it all, in a way that meets your objectives, expectations, and budget.

Because AV tools aren’t just a bonus, they’re a necessity in today’s world of cross-border business and instant service. Companies who don’t invest in high-quality AV systems are hindering their progress and making it difficult for them to compete in today’s crowded marketplace.

We work with any business, from small to large

As market-leading AV consultants, we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, from large enterprises to small offices. And our clients come from a diverse range of industries including energy firms, hospitality leaders, churches, law offices, and manufacturers. We’ve also brought our AV skills to the public sector, working with institutions across Alberta.

Whatever your industry, our team will help you select the audio visual applications that make the most sense for your workspace. We approach every project with the same mindset – how do we help you get from where you are, to where you need to be?

We’ll assess your space and help you clarify your specific audio visual needs before selecting the best AV equipment to fulfill those needs. AV design is an art as well as a science, providing the most effective technical tools in a way that seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows and enhances operations overall.

Our design, system architecture, project drawings, and documentation reflect the latest in the AV industry’s exacting standards for performance and functionality. We’re proud to be accredited by the Crestron Technical Institute as a Digital Media Certified Designer and a Digital Media Certified Engineer. TAV Group is a longstanding and committed Crestron partner, leveraging their premier AV integration and digital media systems to expand our offerings.

Better communication drives better decision-making, and ultimately better productivity. Make sure you have a collaboration and communication infrastructure that accommodates all your business goals, call or email us today.


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