Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Commercial solar installations require a skilled team with solar equipment installation experience and licensed electricians. The TAV Group has that skilled team ready to go for your project. We can help you source, design, and install your photovoltaic system in the location where it will absorb the most rays and make other components easy to access.

Reasons to install solar for your business

  1. Save Money
    You want your business to last a lifetime, possibly a few. Converting to solar is the ultimate legacy to pass down to the next generation of your company’s leadership. It is a big one-time investment to get it set up, but once it’s installed you remove significant power costs from operations. Energy costs are only going to go up in the future.

  2. Tax Credits & Other Incentives
    The initial investment can be offset by tax credits and other incentives at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels.

  3. ES&G Value
    Environment, Social & Governance (ES&G) aren’t just buzzwords in the business world; they indicate three values investors are looking for. Converting to solar, or even just supplementing your power needs with it, scores points towards the environmental component of ES&G.
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LET'S CHAT ABOUT Commercial Solar Installations :

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