Structured Wiring

Small details matter when it comes to future-proofing your business. Digital communications rely on effective and organized wiring so don’t let those cables get chaotic. TAV’s expert technicians deliver the structured wiring you need to power your AV systems and boost your connectivity.

Every time your business uses voice and communications systems to communicate internally and externally, it’s using a complex system of wires and cables.

Those cables carry millions of messages every day, from room to room, department to department, and building to building. If you don’t have a reliable network, it won’t be long before problems arise. Structured wiring simplifies your system, bundling wires, organizing cables, and safely connecting everything to a central panel.

Properly-installed wiring helps your business keep up with ever-evolving technology, providing the framework for whatever digital tools your company needs. Mapping and organizing the AV wiring throughout your premises ensures you can support your current business communications, as well as any upgrades you might make in the future.

With structured wiring in place, you can easily add to your organization’s tech stack when required, giving you the freedom and flexibility you need to effectively compete. And with the right wiring, you can give your employees the right audio visual tools – improving both productivity and customer service.

Our professional engineers install, organize, and document all your wiring needs. We work with data network cabling and any other wiring needed for your business’s audio, video, or telephone services. We’re familiar with any wire, connector, or cable on the market including network ethernet cables, fibre optics, coaxial cables, HDMI, DVI, and more.

TAV Group technicians provide efficient and comprehensive wiring services with minimal disruption to your business. We also closely follow all current safety standards and best practices so you can have complete confidence in your connectivity.

Whether you need to update your current wiring, hook up AV equipment, or install a new structured wiring system, trust TAV! Talk to our team today to find out how we can support and service your AV needs.


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