Unlock the full power of meeting spaces

Microsoft® Surface™ Hub reimagines the meeting experience so you can unlock the power of the group. Now, thanks to native compatibility with Crestron products, you can unlock the full power of the meeting space too.

Crestron completes the Surface Hub collaboration experience

Through collaboration with Microsoft, Crestron technology natively integrates with Microsoft Surface Hub. The joint solution combines the premier large format Windows® touch appliance with the leading global solution in control, automation, and video distribution.

As a result, Crestron has developed the only complete, integrated conference room solution.

Take control

Pair a Crestron DigitalMedia™ Presentation System (DMPS), TSW touch screen, TSS scheduling touch screen, and a set of USB Extenders with Surface Hub and get the flexibility of control right from the conference table and the ability to:

  • Display any content on the Surface Hub from any device anywhere in the room or enterprise
  • Pass through touch functionality from the Surface Hub to touch-compatible connected devices
  • Present HD and Ultra High Definition 4K video
  • Launch Windows® 10 apps on the Surface Hub
  • Adjust room and environmental settings including shades, lights, and temperature using Crestron’s App on the Surface Hub or from the Crestron TSW touch screen
  • Book and schedule meetings from the Crestron TSS touch screen just outside the room

Native Integration

Our complete packages are designed to natively integrate with Surface Hub. Built on the .AV Framework™ platform, they’re ready to go right out of the box. You get all the power of Crestron control and Crestron Fusion® enterprise management without having to type a single line of code.

Monitor and manage everything on the network

Crestron Fusion® enterprise management software can be seamlessly integrated with the joint solution to enable IT managers to centrally monitor, manage, and control each piece of technology in every room across the enterprise. Robust reporting provides room and device usage information so managers can make data driven decisions about scheduling, purchasing, and space allocation. Also, IT can monitor system performance, get instant alerts when issues arise, and resolve problems proactively – so meetings aren’t delayed or interrupted.

Crestron 4K Certification

The 84″ Microsoft Surface Hub is Crestron 4K Certified. Under the Crestron 4K Certification program, Crestron engineers rigorously test 4K products to ensure they perform flawlessly when used in a DigitalMedia matrix-switched environment. This ensures that the 4K capable display:

  • Delivers true 10 Gbit/s data rates to transmit the signal to its destination
  • Interfaces with DigitalMedia to handle cable lengths found in integrated AV systems
  • Works with other 4K products in a Crestron DigitalMedia environment

Six Packages to choose from

Crestron offers a total of two Integrator Kits options that include all the equipment you need for a complete Surface Hub meeting room solution. In addition, there are four Bundle Packages available, with either a 55-inch HD or an 84-inch 4K Surface Hub may also be purchased directly from Crestron.* For complete solution information, click here.