With today’s homeowners embracing more and more smart technology, installing a structured wiring system from the outset can significantly improve a property’s value. The TAV Group provides structured wiring and pre-wiring services for new builds or home renovations.

Our expert technicians are highly experienced in wiring any residential property for data, audio, and video – installing structured networking panels and cables to meet the highest industry standards.

Structured wiring helps free up a home’s wifi by bundling cables to take the burden off the bandwidth. Using a combination of cables – fibre optic, ethernet, coaxial – homeowners can connect more devices directly to their home’s network, without relying exclusively on their wifi.

Not only does this increase the speed and dependability of a home’s wifi, it also creates the necessary foundation to scale up connections in the future. With a structured wiring system, it’s easy to add an extra appliance, connect some security cameras, or upgrade to a smart home automation system.

Wiring is a crucial component in any home. Done well, it enhances a homeowner’s living space with reliable audio, speedy data, crystal-clear video, and high-performing electronics. Done badly, it’s not just slow and inefficient, it’s also a hidden hazard that could put your home at risk.

You can trust us

We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners, builders, contractors, and developers to install the best possible wiring system for their space.

Efficient and professional, our team uses quality cabling and equipment to deliver superior service you can rely on. Our experts follow the latest design and manufacturer specifications and safety processes and are adept at troubleshooting and problem-solving so every project is seamlessly managed through to completion.

We work with clients to ensure every installation is delivered on time and within budget, communicating with and supporting our project partners every step of the way. Each TAV team will be led by an experienced project manager who will be on-site at every stage to answer questions, provide updates on the project’s progress, and collaborate with clients.

Once the work is complete, we thoroughly inspect and test all our systems to ensure they’re fully operational. Our team also provides comprehensive documentation so clients know exactly what’s been done, and to what specifications.

We go above and beyond to deliver world-class AV systems and wiring homeowners can depend on. Contact us today to get a quote for your home wiring project, renovation, or structured wiring system.



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