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Did you just buy an electric vehicle, or are thinking of getting one? If you need to install the charging option that came with your vehicle, or upgrade from the charger you were given, we’ve got you covered!

Why hire you for my EV charging station installation?

The home charging systems that come with electric vehicles can be a bit too complex for the average person to install themselves – a fact which turns many people off of the idea of buying an electric vehicle in the first place. Most EV owners just use an adapter, which doesn’t offer the same amount of charge as purpose-built equipment. A proper charging station will take the average homeowner anywhere from several hours to a few days to install – we can get it done in much less time as long as there aren’t significant impediments, such as major structural or electrical overhauls.

Can I get a supercharge at home?

A supercharge that fully charges your vehicle in half an hour involves heavy-duty commercial equipment and electrical connections that are not available in the average home. However, since we also install these for commercial applications, we can assess whether or not your home is the exception to the rule when we come out for an estimate.


How does your process work?

We’ll come out and assess your connections, electrical capacity, and ideal placement for your new charger. Then, we’ll advise you on the equipment to buy and come back and install it once it arrives – if you haven’t already purchased it. Don’t throw out your receipt – there are tax rebates available for home ev charging equipment. Unfortunately, we don’t help with those, but we do everything else!

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