Residential Solar Panel Installation

Looking for solar installers near you? Look no further! We do everything from whole-home solar systems designed to take you off the grid to small solar panel installations.

Why a specialized solar installer?

 When you need to install a solar energy system or even just a few panels, you have three choices:

If you’re just looking at one or two panels, the first two options aren’t bad. 12 volt wiring, which is used for solar, is simple compared to 110 volt “regular” power, and just installing one or two panels isn’t a massive job. That being said, you’re always better off with a specialist. You may not have the time, and a local handyman may not be available or confident enough in their ability to do the job if they haven’t done it before. We’re happy to do these smaller jobs for you.

When it comes to a larger system, or anything more complex, you are absolutely better off hiring a specialized solar installer to do it for you. Our extensive experience means your system will be safe, sturdy, and placed in the best location on your property to harness the most rays from the sun. In addition, your battery bank will be installed in a way that is easy to access and protected from the elements.


What does it cost to hire a solar installer?

The cost of hiring a solar panel installer tracks surprisingly close to that of hiring a general contractor. You aren’t paying a premium for our knowledge, you’re just hiring the right company. Unlike many smaller contractors, we have a large team and are ready to take on your project right now as opposed to sometime in the near future. The sooner you can get your system up and running, the sooner you can start saving money on power costs.

Contact the TAV Group today to find out how much your job will cost – we’ll be happy to come out to give you an estimate or, where practical, simply give you an estimate by email.

LET'S CHAT ABOUT Residential Solar Installations :

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