Residential Surveillance

Your home is your haven, let us help you protect it.

We offer home security services in Calgary and surrounding areas, assisting homeowners with security camera installation that helps keep their property safe. Whether you’re mounting outdoor security cameras, setting up indoor surveillance, or simply upgrading your current cameras to the latest models, we can help.

We install pre-bought home security systems so you don’t have to worry about wiring, mounting cameras, or connecting them to your home network – we take care of everything! All you have to do is pick your preferred system and TAV’s expert technicians will get to work.

Our professional installers are familiar with all major residential security systems and take care to meticulously install them according to manufacturer instructions so you can be sure you’re getting the top performance from your surveillance equipment. We work with both indoor and outdoor cameras, smart home security equipment, motion-sensing cameras, and more. Our team can also help you install alarm systems and integrate them with your cameras if required.

Professionally installed security covers your blind spots

We can help you select the perfect spot for your security cameras, and then get them mounted quickly and efficiently. Don’t climb ladders and juggle tools – let us do it! Our installers are friendly, knowledgeable and highly experienced. They’ll have your security up and running as quickly as possible and help you customize it for your space, finding the best angles and lighting to give you comprehensive coverage.

Home security gives property owners complete peace of mind. With indoor and outdoor home security cameras, you know every inch of your space is covered. And we can even help you connect your cameras to your smart home network or personal devices, so if you’re taking a vacation or away on business, you can tune in and see exactly what’s happening on your property in real-time.

Security cameras act as a visible deterrent against porch pirates, vandals, and thieves. And, if the worst does happen, CCTV gives you reliable evidence that can help identify the culprits. Know your family is protected, and your home safe. Get in touch with the TAV Group today to schedule your home security camera installation.


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